Here you will find a list of courses I have worked on, either as a primary instructor or teaching assistant. For the courses for which I am listed as primary instructor, I am happy to discuss curriculum design, syllabi, etc. via email.

Primary Instructor (Stony Brook Unviersity)

LIN101 Intro to Linguistics; winter 2024

LIN101 Intro to Linguistics; summer 2023

LIN280 Language and Social Media, Emoji unit; Spring 2023

LIN200 Language in the USA, Queer Linguistics unit; fall 2022

LIN101 Intro to Linguistics; summer 2022

LIN101 Intro to Linguistics; winter 2022

LIN101 Intro to Linguistics; summer 2021

Primary Instructor (Summer Schools)

On the Status of Quotative and Locative Inversion; V-NYI #7; summer 2023

Workshop on Emoji Linguistics; V-NYI #6; winter 2023

Intro to Syntax; Summer Youth Camp for Computational Linguistics (SYCCL) summer 2021

Adjunct Instructor (New York University)

LING-UA 1 Language; Fall 2023; instr. Anna Szabolcsi

Teaching Assistant (Stony Brook University)

LIN311 Syntax; Spring 2024; instr. Sandhya Sundaresan

LIN200 Language in the USA; Fall 2023; instr. Lori Repetti

LIN280 Language and Social Media; Spring 2023; instr. Owen Rambow

LIN101 Intro to Linguistics; Spring 2022; instr. Lori Repetti

LIN200 Language in the USA; Fall 2022; instr. John Bailyn

LIN346 Language and Meaning; Spring 2021; instr. Richard Larson

LIN110 Anatomy of English Words; Fall 2021; instr. Mark Aronoff

LIN311 Syntax; Spring 2020; instr. Dan Finer

LIN311 Syntax; Fall 2020; instr. Francisco Ordóñez

LIN101 Intro to Linguistics; Fall 2019; instr. Mark Aronoff

LIN101/530 Intro to Linguistics; summer 2020; instr. Anna Melnikova

Teaching Assistant (Summer Schools)

Omni-Linguistics; V-NYI summer 2022; instr. Masha Esipova

Topics in Syntactic Theory; V-NYI summer 2022; instr. Marcel den Dikken & Hedde Zeijlstra

Topics in Predication; V-NYI winter 2022; instr. Marcel den Dikken & Ur Shlonsky

Intro to Formal Semantics; V-NYI winter 2022; instr. Roumi Pancheva, Rajesh Bhatt, & Luismi Toquero

Topics in Art and Cognition; V-NYI summer 2021; instr. John Bailyn & Samuel Jay Keyser

From Expressivity to Emojis; V-NYI summer 2021; instr. Daniel Gutzmann & Patrick Grosz

Intro to Syntax; V-NYI winter 2022; instr. Asya Pereltsvaig & Tatiana Lyutikova

Topics in Historical Linguistics; V-NYI summer 2020; instr. Asya Pereltsvaig

Intro to Syntax; NYI summer 2019; instr. Omer Preminger